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The threat of termites on your property is something you shouldn't take lightly. These small wood-destroying pests are capable of causing significant damage to wooden structures and may be present without the homeowner's knowledge. Termites create a network of underground tunnels and colonies that can remain undetected until significant damage is done.

Termites are extremely destructive, as they feed on wood 24/7 and can cause extreme damage in a short amount of time. In fact, they consume over 1/3 pound of wood per day! This means that even a small termite infestation can quickly become costly if left untreated. In addition to the direct damage to property caused by the feeding, termites also weaken the structural integrity of wooden structures, making them more susceptible to collapse or other major damages due to weather or other causes.

At Venables Pest Management, our experienced licensed technicians are extensively trained and knowledgeable about how to treat termite infestations using non-chemical control methods with a focus on prevention and exclusion techniques. We understand the importance of protecting your home from potential damage caused by these wood-destroying pests and take pride in providing environmentally friendly solutions while still getting rid of any current infestation quickly and effectively. 

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Learn More About Termites

Pest Name: Western Subterranean Termites

Scientific name: Reticulitermes hesperus

Characteristics and general information: Western Subterranean Termites are some of the most structurally disconcerting insects in the Pacific Northwest. They exist in very large colonies underground and feed on cellulose, the hard structural component of wood. They build large tubes made of mud up from the soil, which allow them to travel to and from their food sources while remaining concealed. Three castes exist within a colony: reproductives, workers, and soldiers. Appearance changes dependent on their caste. Workers and soldiers are creamy brown with long, narrow bodies. Reproductives, also known as swarmers or alates, are much darker in color and have wings when they emerge.

It is important to note that Western Subterranean Termites are very different from Dampwood Termites. Dampwood Termite reproductives emerge during the fall. They are large, reddish-brown in color, and very clumsy fliers. They require wood with a very high moisture content to survive – much higher than that which can be accomplished inside a residential structure.

Signs of a Termite infestation:

Not all termite infestations occur in visible places where homeowners can spot them. Termites often hide away in hard-to-reach areas such as attics, crawl spaces, and wall voids, making it even more difficult for homeowners to detect them before extensive damage has already been caused. Once an infestation is present, it can spread quickly throughout the home, eating away at the foundations and walls until significant repairs must be made. 

Common signs of a termite infestation include: 

  • Mud tubes on the exterior or interior walls of your home. These are made from bits of wood and soil, which provides them with cover and moisture to travel between their food source and the colony. 
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped. This is often a sign that termites have eaten away at it from the inside out. 
  • Discarded wings near windowsills or other areas of entry into the home. Termites shed their wings after swarming, so piles of discarded wings could be an indication that a colony has settled in your home. 
  • Small, pin-sized holes in walls or wooden structures as this could be where they've created tiny pathways to enter your home.

How We Approach Termite Control

Termite control is a multi-pronged effort that takes a comprehensive approach to get rid of the problem. At Venables Pest Management, we start with a detailed inspection to gauge the severity of the infestation and determine what type of treatment is necessary. Our technicians are highly trained to identify the species of termites and locate the main colonies. Once identified, we can then proceed with a multi-layered treatment that includes baits and termiticides. 

Baits are especially effective against termites, as they target all stages of their life cycle—from larvae to adult insects—and prevent them from reproducing or causing further damage. Our technicians apply these baits in strategic locations around your home’s foundation, where they will most effectively control the infestation. Baits also provide ongoing protection since each bait has special ingredients that act slowly over time, making sure any new invading termites won’t find refuge in your home. 

For more severe infestations or for additional protection, our technicians may also utilize termiticides in areas where baiting is not possible or practical. Termiticides form an invisible barrier around your structure that help repel and kill invading termites on contact. These treatments are generally applied around your foundation and other entry points, such as utility lines and pipes, thus forming an impenetrable shield against these wood-destroying pests. In addition to killing termites on contact, these chemical barriers continue working long after application, leaving behind a residual action that keeps them away for years. 

At Venables Pest Management, we understand how important it is for you to protect your home from potential damage caused by these wood-destroying pests and take pride in providing environmentally friendly solutions while still getting rid of any current infestation quickly and effectively. We utilize both traditional methods along with cutting-edge pest exclusion techniques to keep your home safe from all types of pests, including termites! 

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