Carpenter Ant Control in Olympia

Carpenter ants are far more destructive than your average ant. They can cause a lot of damage to wood structures if left unchecked. That's why home and business owners in Olympia need to get professional pest control services when they find an infestation on their property. 

Venables Pest Management has experienced technicians who specialize in stopping carpenter ant infestations quickly and efficiently, so you can rest assured that your home or business is safe from these destructive pests. 

Our technicians take a non-chemical approach whenever possible, focusing on prevention and exclusion techniques to target the source of the infestation. We also use baits and other methods to eliminate any carpenter ants that have already taken up residence in your home or business. 

For over 20 years, we’ve been trusted by thousands of customers throughout the Olympia area. Our experienced technicians provide thorough inspections and comprehensive treatments so you can be sure that your property is free from carpenter ant infestations. 

If you think your home or business has an infestation of carpenter ants, contact Venables Pest Management today for prompt service. We’ll send one of our experienced technicians out right away.

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Learn More About Carpenter Ants

Pest Name: Carpenter Ants

Scientific Name: Camponotus Modoc and Camponotus vicinus

Signs of an Infestation: Seeing frass (sawdust-like material), ants trailing, or hearing scratching noises in the walls. Activity is highest from June through August. Reproductive Carpenter Ants emerge in June. The future queens are quite large, often with wings. Depending on the nest location and the weather, activity may also be present as early as March and as late as October.

Characteristics and General Information: Carpenter Ants are quite large in comparison to other ants and are usually all black (c. modoc) or black with a red thorax (c. vicinus). They are wood-destroying organisms and may be found nesting in all types of structural timber, in fiberglass or foam core insulation, and in wall voids. It is a common misperception that carpenter ants “eat” wood. Although they are using their mandibles, the damage they create is made to remove the wood to expand their nest galleries - not to eat it.

In the early springtime when the reproductives emerge, it can be quite alarming to see the large, winged ants. Often though, these will be a few lone ants that have made their way into the house. The important thing is to look for patterns of ants trailing to and from a specific location.

Once an issue is identified, treating it early is important, as it can be quite damaging to your home. The “parent colony” is often found outside, in trees, stumps, or other landscape timbers. However, as populations increase, they will divide their colony into a network of satellite colonies. These are the nest sites usually found within a home or similar structure.

How We Approach Carpenter Ant Infestations

At Venables Pest Management, we understand the importance of tackling carpenter ant infestations quickly and effectively. That's why our experienced technicians specialize in stopping these destructive pests with a combination of prevention and exclusion techniques, baits, and other methods to eliminate any existing colonies. We take a non-chemical approach whenever possible so you can be sure that your property is safe from carpenter ants. 

In order to be successful, we start by performing a thorough inspection of your property to locate the nest site. Once located, a combination of baits and insecticides may be used depending on the situation. For example, using a bait or liquid product that allows the worker ants to transfer it back to the colony is key for effective control. In more aggressive cases, drilling and treating into wall voids may be necessary if colonies appear to be nesting in those locations. However, the level of control measures prescribed will depend on how active colonies are outside as well. 

Preventative Measures

The best way to prevent a carpenter ant infestation is to take steps to make your property less attractive for them. This includes trimming vegetation away from the structure and making sure there is a 3” clearance between the base of your siding and soil or landscape material. Be sure that your technician may be able to inspect and apply a thorough preventative application around the full perimeter of the foundation. Do not store items against the structure, confirm all gates are unlocked and all areas may be accessed for successful control measures. 

We Stop Carpenter Ant Infestations in Thurston County, Lewis County, Mason County & Surrounding Areas

If you think your home or business has an infestation of carpenter ants, call Venables Pest Management today for prompt service. We’ll send one of our experienced technicians out right away so that we can stop this destructive pest before it’s too late. Don’t wait – the sooner you call, the sooner we can help you get rid of your carpenter ant infestation and keep them away for good. 

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