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Odorous house ants can cause a lot of problems for homeowners and property managers. These small, black-colored ants tend to feed on sweet foods like honeydew, sugary liquids, fruits, and syrups as well as proteins like meats and grease. Not only can odorous house ants quickly contaminate food in kitchens, but they can also enter walls and hollow spaces within homes. They can create colonies inside your home before you even realize it, spreading out from the nest to search for food sources. 

At Venables Pest Management, we understand just how quickly odorous house ants reproduce and spread throughout properties. That’s why our team of licensed technicians is extensively trained in understanding ant behavior so we can carry out thorough inspections and craft comprehensive treatment plans that get rid of these pests quickly and effectively. Through the use integrated pest management techniques, we can keep them from coming back. 

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Learn More About Odorous House Ants

Pest Name: Odorous House Ants / “Sugar Ants”

Scientific Name: Tapinoma sessile

Signs of an Infestation: Depending on the nest location, Odorous House Ants (OHAs) can be active year round, but activity is highest between the months of May and August. They are most often seen in the kitchen or bathroom.

Characteristics and General Information: Odorous House Ants are dark brown or black in color. They nest near moisture sources such as standing water or leaking pipes. Though they are not a public health concern, they can be a severe nuisance. Their populations can reach exorbitantly high numbers and experiencing them overtake food, whether left out on the counter or concealed in cupboards, may be unsettling. When they are threatened or crushed, they give off an odor.

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How We Approach Odorous House Ants Control

Our technicians at Venables Pest Management understand that getting rid of odorous house ants requires an initial comprehensive inspection of the property. The first step of our process is to identify the species and inspect the severity of the infestation. Our team will look out for ant trails, nests, and other signs of their presence around your property. We’re also highly knowledgeable about ant behavior and can develop a detailed plan of action to eradicate odorous house ants from your home or business. 

Odorous house ant colonies are nomadic and often move from place to place. Additionally, they have multiple queens. Baits and products that can be transferred to the colony are the most effective measures for elimination. Using repellants and products that kill on contact often exacerbates the issue. 

Using an approach that is tailored to the specifics of your property, we will apply targeted treatments for maximum effectiveness. Our integrated pest management strategies are both humane and environmentally friendly.

Preventative measures

Due to the pheromones they left behind, odorous house ants often come in waves as new colonies in surrounding areas find and follow the pheromone trails. Regular, ongoing perimeter treatments to maintain control are important to prevent future infestations. 

Our technicians will also provide advice on how to prevent odorous house ants from returning. For example, keeping food in sealed containers and removing any sources of standing water or moisture can make your property less attractive to these pests. 

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