Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants

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Odorous House Ants, often referred to as “sugar-ants,” are a common nuisance pest here in the Olympia area. Their desire for sweet foods and warmth often leads them inside homes, where they can be very irritating to residents. If you have never experienced an infestation from these ants before, your home is not immune, it is fortunate. Every year ant colonies are changing locations and invading different structures, and the cycle begins anew every spring. Having a program in place to dissuade infestations from these ants before the weather warms up is recommended.

As spring approaches, Odorous House Ants will be waking up from diapause and spreading out to search for new food sources. Homeowners commonly report seeing these ants in kitchens and bathrooms, where there is an abundance of food and water, but they are often found in other locations in the house. We recommend beginning treatment early with this species of ant, because their colonies will only grow bigger and become more difficult to control as the season progresses.

Our inspectors and technicians have years of experience dealing with Odorous House Ants, and have become adept at controlling their infestations. This process will always begin with an inspection to identify the species of the ant as well as its nesting location. Once we know the type of insect we are dealing with, we can prescribe an appropriate treatment. We consider every infestation to be unique, and treat each service according to its distinct symptoms.

If you have active ants in your home, or you would like to prevent them from coming in, we can help! Contact our office at (360) 443-5813 or click here to submit a request for more information.

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