Are Rats Sharing Your Home?

Are Rats Sharing Your Home? Blog Image

If so, the memories of one scurrying across your floor, finding excrement in a drawer, or hearing chewing noises during the night probably causes you to cringe.

When the weather gets cooler and food sources diminish outdoors, mice and rats in Thurston County will return to houses and other structures in search of food and shelter.

These critters are not only a nuisance, they also pose significant health risks. Hanta Virus may come to mind, but bacterial contamination from their excrement is a far more common concern in the Pacific Northwest. Bacterial contamination may occur by ingesting contaminated food or water, contacting contaminated surfaces, or by breathing in pathogens that have been stirred into the air.

Mice are also found throughout Western Washington, making all homes susceptible to an infestation. This has not always been the case with rats. In fact, their recent influx in activity has caused quite the commotion throughout Thurston County. This activity Ranges from Olympia and Tumwater all the way to Lacey, where we have seen growing colonies of rats.

For many years only one species of rat, the Norway rat, was found in this area. Their feeding and traveling habits have kept them within about 5 miles of the downtown-Olympia waterfront.

Several years ago, another very prolific kind of rat, the Roof Rat, was introduced. Their ability to travel high above ground on trees and power lines has allowed them to make their way into many neighborhoods throughout Thurston County. They are very smart and can conceal themselves from humans quite well.

After dealing with numerous rat infestations, we strongly recommend taking preventative measures. If you are already on an ongoing maintenance service program, rodent prevention is an important focus of your winter service visit. If your service program does not currently include mice or rats we’re always happy to discuss this option with you!

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