Oh Rats

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Roof Rat populations continue to increase significantly throughout Thurston County and the onset of cooler weather has caused the number of infestations we’re experiencing to increase even more! Please read on for a few useful reminders to help keep rats from establishing (or re-establishing) themselves inside your home.

Regular inspections are crucial in the endeavor to stay rodent-free. Crawl space covers must be sealed tightly on all sides so that there is no opening larger than 1/4th inch. Vent screens in the foundation and under the eaves are also common access points and must be kept in good repair. If we are currently servicing your home for rats, rest assured that our technicians are on the look-out for these conditions and are prepared to offer further recommendations for rodent prevention or control as it becomes necessary.

Once rodents establish themselves in an area, their excrement leaves a scent behind which is like an invitation for other rodents to enter. Often these new intruders become determined to gain access into your home or crawl space and will find new ways to burrow under, chew through, or cause damage to newly-repaired screens.

It is also important to keep in mind that control is more successful when neighbors work together to reduce the overall populations within their neighborhood. Please feel free to share this information with your neighbors, friends and family and direct them our way with questions regarding rodent control.

Wishing you a warm, safe, and rat-free holiday season!