Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are often seen inside of homes throughout the spring and summer. These may either be worker ants foraging for food or winged reproductive ants leaving the nest in search of a mate. Seeing either type of these carpenter ants in homes in Olympia, Tumwater or ants in Lacey in the early spring indicates that they (and their colony) have spent the winter inside the structure and a service to target the hidden nest is needed.

On the other hand, carpenter ant colonies that have spent the winter outside will wake up later in the spring when the weather warms. They will behave similarly to the carpenter ants that have spent the winter indoors, but when these carpenter ants find their way inside, it may simply be a random occurrence and exterior preventative measures may be sufficient.

It is important to note what the ants look like, how many you see, and the location that you see them in. This Insect Monitoring Sheet will help you to keep track of that. Seeing one or two carpenter ants in the late spring (even the large, winged reproductives) may not be cause for concern, but it is important to watch for patterns developing.

Regardless of the time of year, we always appreciate your call or e-mail to notify your technician of any carpenter ant activity so that we may work together to keep your home protected against carpenter ants.

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